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I quickly made this Venn diagram on the train as I was trying to define the broad subject areas where useful game audio skills come from… It stems from a frustration at being able to explain, succinctly, what it is we do… and also has a seed of inspiration from an article by Ariel Gross  (Joining Team Audio) who was talking about hiring for game audio teams, and if you had only music production experience, you’d be outgunned, if you had film sound experience only, you’d be outgunned, etc – but if you had the right combinations of wide ranging skills, you’d be more likely to land an interview and thrive inside an audio-focussed game development environment.

So, drinking in from the three broad groups of audio production, software development and the creative arts, and starting to list out some of the subject areas commonly used or discussed from those groups on a day to day basis, we begin to build-up a solid picture, and at the intersection between them, is the thing we know as ‘game audio’.

Having splashed it on the page, and stepping back to look at it, it becomes clear that those of us who have chosen this career, or are in the process of moving into a career in game audio, should be incredibly proud and thrilled – all these incredible things we get to do every day – and the list expands all the time to include new emerging areas (AR,VR etc).

I’ve made the diagram available here for those who wish to download it and please feel free to use it wherever you feel it can help highlight and celebrate, at a glance, the complexities of a career in game audio.